Information Assurance

Services: Information Assurance
Information Assurance (IA) has become a very large umbrella encompassing many services related to IT Security. With today's increased reliance on technology, many organizations technology risks equal business risks. Information Assurance is a critical component of managing and mitigating those associated risks. As always, IA is not just a single-faceted issue, it is a sound management issue enabled by the integration of people, processes, and technology that support business strategies. Information Assurance is not a condition or state, rather, it is a set of controlled processes managed by people and enabled by technology focused on protecting IT assets.

The IA life cycle does not depict a service delivery process, rather it focuses on the client's evolution of enterprise security. The evolutionary cycle revolves around the basic objective of protecting information assets. This cycle goes through five basic phases that SNS One describes as the FIVE FACETS OF SECURITY.

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