IT Administration

Services: IT Administration
A close alignment between organizational strategy and IT strategy is essential. The information system has evolved into a mission-critical component for sharing information for every organization. The speed and capacity of information sharing is often the key determinant of efficiency, productivity, and client satisfaction. However, the expansion of the utilization of information system services makes it increasingly difficult, time consuming, and expensive to manage IT resources in a rapidly changing organizational and technical environment. SNS One has experience in devising strategic solutions that leverage our technical skills to free up resources to conduct daily support efforts and routine service and maintenance.

SNS One's IT Administration services are usually offered in two forms:

Integrated: Services are owned and operated by the customer at their service center facility. In this form SNS One will design, integrate and implement business processes, architectural design, migration plans and user training. SNS One also provides supplementary service support to sustain the infrastructure services upon request.

Outsourced: Services are outsourced and migrated to a technologically advanced service center. This model provides IT support across the enterprise for all aspects of the infrastructure as defined by the customer, including program management office, applications, technology infrastructure, service desk, security, and all communications.

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